I joined the Australian sugar daddy site in 2021 as a sugar baby

 australian sugar daddy

It all started with a newspaper article.

' More Sydney uni pupils select sugar baby life', Gillian McNally created for News Corp last month, describing, "152,000 Australian university students are now seeking 'sugar daddy' setups."

McNally reported that considering that 2007, the site Seeking.com has seen "continual growth in sign-ups amongst Sydney students", particularly those enlisted at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales.

Normally, I was intrigued.

Why are a lot of young Australian ladies bewitched by the sugar baby experience. Is having a sugar daddy simply pietistic sex work? What type of money are we discussing right here? And over everything, what is it such as to enroll in among these web sites.

Yep. I joined a sugar baby site as well as chatted to unusual males on the web for a week.

Why? As a social experiment, I think kinda like Married At First Sight, only classier. And with much less public embarrassment.

Because I'm a lady of the people, I placed my self-respect on the line so you do not have to.


It ends up there are a variety of alternatives for anybody who wishes to live the sugar baby and sugar daddy way of life. I picked SugarDaddyMeet.com, mainly because I'm hopelessly stingy and also don't wish to cough up $70 monthly for a paid subscription like every other site asked for.

This seems like a fatal flaw in the competing sugar baby websites if I'm damaged enough to consider procuring old, rich Australian sugar daddy as a respectable means to make rent and also purchase my weekly supply of two-minute noodles. I'm undoubtedly as well damaged to pay for the previously mentioned accessibility to an old, rich Australian sugar daddy.

Reasoning, people, please.

After selecting an alias (as recommended), I made my account. I selected a few pictures from my Instagram feed and also curated an account of what I believe is the perfect dumb millennial.

And also just like that, ShellyBabes the sugar baby was born.

" I'm simply a blonde lady searching for a great time," my bio read.

" An enthusiastic Pisces that is searching for a Taurus or Cancer. Will certainly go for a Capricorn. Not touching a Sagittarius with a 10ft post. Sorry, yet, like, ew.

Simply no. I love absolutely nothing greater than a wonderful cold celery juice on an empty tummy, dancing like no one's viewing, as well as acquiring quiet things."

My honey pot of narcissism and pseudoscientific nonsense was established: I was ready to attract the wealthiest, wrinkliest to my wonderful nectar of young people.

I imagined George Clooney-Esque personalities swamping my inbox with messages of exactly how they could save me. I was ready for Richard Gere in Pretty Woman to bath me with jewels and designer garments for simply having women genitalia.

I merely could not wait on a silver fox to tell me his Taurus power was the perfect suit for my water sign.

That's when I obtained my very first DM from "BigChoc" as well as my illusion of sugar daddies came toppling down.

"$800 pay per satisfying what do u recon," BigChoc's puppy love letter to me reviewed.

Gavin got directly to the point: "Hey there babe sorry to be blunt yet what are ur thoughts on regular when a week fk friend? I'll pay however not too much haha." (So. Enchanting.).

Jimbo wasn't in reverse in coming forwards: "Are you keen on very discreet enjoyable for benefits?".

When I pushed Jimbo regarding exactly what he suggested by "discreet" and also "fun" as well as "incentives", he elaborated: "Secret drinks conversation sex for cash is it a yes or no." (It was a tough no.).

Pretty soon it became clear that the average sugar daddy is absolutely nothing like what I'd previously thought of.

The individuals on these sites aren't also that old. The majority of males who approached me for a "date" were aged between 35 and 50 and resembled the kinds of individuals who'd non-ironically enjoy Charlie Sheen's latest Ultra Tune ad.

That all stated, the offers were rather lucrative.

A guy with the moniker "GG" provided me $500 simply to get a soy cappuccino with him.

" Cash4Girls," said he'd offer me $5000 if we spent 8 nights with each other, with a $2500 purchasing spree incentive if I made it to the final day (sort of like the Hunger Games.however if you changed Katniss Everdeen's weapon with sex?).

Nic was eager to discuss a recurring plan- $3500 a week- as long as I was "passive" and "turned on by a guy with money and power".

Dan offered me months of "free worldwide traveling" in exchange for "intimacy" and also "business".

Oh, and also a guy by the name 'Mot' requested "just somebody breathing". Yep.

In 3 days, I received 50 cash offers. 37 of those were for sex, 11 were for stuff as innocent as dinner as well as drinks.

Several of the guys seemed great sufficient. Some urged they were in completely satisfied marriages however needed something "additional" on the side. Some talked endlessly of their wages. Some sent me selfies inside their luxury vehicles and got angry when I didn't respond within a couple of hours. Some didn't have photos on their account in all.

All of them seemed a little bit hollow. A little unfortunate. Like really lonely males, that don't rather recognize exactly how to connect with ladies if not via their bank accounts.

I still do not know if I pity them, or if I'm satisfied: There are clearly, lots of individuals that delight in plans like these, that have no agitations about monetizing the sweetheart experience.

Maybe the real champions are the ones that do not overthink everything weird about that.

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