5 Important Clues Help Sugar Baby Australia Have a Successful Date

Sugar Baby Australia

When you first become a sugar baby Australia , you’re going to be surprised by all the grand things your sugar daddy can give you – fancy balls, 5-star restaurants, and big events. Of course, when you’re asked to go along with your sugar daddy to a formal event, your mind will be going 90 to nothing about it.

  • What should you wear?
  • What kind of conversations will you have?
  • How should you act?

There is much going through your mind, and you probably wish you could talk with friends about the situation. Don’t fret!

How to Dress For the Event

Believe it or not, many sugar babies don’t dress right for the occasion. If you’re going to a five-star restaurant, you need to dress right. Remember, the eyes will be on you as you walk into the restaurant. This means getting out the elegant dresses and fine jewelry.

When it comes to clothing, don’t show too much cleavage. You don’t want to wear dresses that you’d wear at a bar. And, if you’re not sure the attire is what you should be wearing, stick to a plain dress. Simple can make a positively huge statement as well. As for shoes, go with a four-inch or less heel and very little jewelry.

If you’re going to a place where there is a lot of people, the idea is to dress to impress. It’s better to overdress than underdress.

If you’re a tall person, stick to flats. If you’re short, go with heels. You don’t have to buy expensive jewelry to look expensive. However, you want to avoid flashy jewelry and pieces.

Special Tip – If you’ve been invited to a five-star event that exceeds your budget, gently remind him that you’d love to go but don’t have the right clothing. Chances are, he’ll be more than happy to provide you with the money you need or go shopping with you to find something he would like you to wear for the evening.

The Finesse of Small Talk

When you’re meeting your sugar daddies’ friends or family, it’s important to get the finesse of small talk down. You want to learn more about your sugar daddy, so small talk is key to learn about him. The idea is to make your sugar daddy seem like you’re interested in the people you are talking to. Ask them about themselves, but don’t provide too much information about yourself.

Ask them about their day and if they like the food. Eventually, you want to ask them about their jobs or ask for some financial advice. Again, small talk without giving away too much information about yourself. Listen to others talk but watch their body language. You want to meet their eyes and smile often while they’re talking. It’s important not to use your phone when people are talking to you. If the phone rings, don’t answer it unless it’s an emergency. First off, it’s insulting, and you make your sugar daddy look bad in front of his friends.

Perfect the Art of the Handshake

A firm handshake makes people think highly of you. So, practice, practice, and practice some more. Be sure to wash your hands, getting rid of any food or oil on your hands. If you can’t do this, politely explain why you must decline and get a napkin. If you’re unable to do this, be sure you apologize and positively greet them.

If you have sweaty hands, be discreet in wiping them off. Again, firmly grip their hand and shake. However, you don’t want to squeeze their fingers. When shaking their hands (no more than twice,) be sure you smile and keep contact with their eyes. Remember, first impressions are everything, so you don’t want to mess things up here.

Don’t Drink Excessively

Realize your limits with alcohol. If you don’t drink much or not at all, it’s okay to take a couple of sips of wine. If you like wine, drink it slowly – you don’t want to drink it all in one gulp. Since dinner can last an hour or more, it’s best to space out your sips during this time.

Of course, there will be times when you shouldn’t drink. If you’re offered something to drink, you can politely decline and tell them you’re trying to quit drinking for a diet. Most people will respect that decision and not force it upon you. A drunk sugar baby Australia can slip up and make a fool out of themselves and their sugar daddy. Don’t let this happen to you.

Speak Sophistically

Be sure to speak sophistically in front of your sugar daddies as well as his friends. You should never swear, use slang or make crude comments. When you like a particular kind of dinner, always say please and thank you.

It’s the little things that can make a great big impression on your sugar daddy. By doing all these, you’ll provide your sugar daddy with a big reason to spend more time with you.

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