The Popularity of Sugar Daddy Australia Dating Keeps Increasing Every Year

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Indeed,sugar daddy Australia dating relationships are widely accepted. They even have social sanction and support from most people. Australians are a highly confident people, who are very practical when it comes to relationships.

Australian women, particularly, are strong and independent and fully capable of taking care of themselves. That is why, every year, you have tens of thousands of young Australian women joining Sugar Daddy Australia Dating sites based out of the country.

This is particularly true with Australian college students. We have more than 100,000 Australian students competing for the attention of rich Sugar Daddies on various sugar daddy Australia sites such as this.

Rachel’s Story

Consider the example of Rachel, a bright and bubbly 23-year old student from Melbourne, who spends her weekends dating rich and mature men. Rachel joined SugarDaddyMeet for the past four months, Rachel has been dating a 44-year old business executive who makes more than $500,000/year. She loves the mutual arrangement because not only is this business executive ruggedly handsome, sugar daddy Melbourne is rich and treats her like a queen.

This man takes Rachel to the best hotels and restaurants, bars and nightclubs. He has even taken her on vacation to Thailand. He has given her a glimpse of a lifestyle that is only available to the top 1%, which the 99% can only dream of.

What’s more, this man gives Rachel a monthly allowance of $4,000 and a gift allowance of $1,200. And here’s the amazing part – he has never asked Rachel to do anything she felt uncomfortable with and has always respected her as an equal.

The only problem Rachel has is to try not to fall in love with this gentleman. Yes, it’s hard, but it is best to keep emotions out of a sugar daddy Australia relationship and treat it as nothing more than a business transaction.

Rachel’s experience is not uncommon – it is shared by tens of thousands of young women in this country.

So how many Sugar Babies are there in Australia?

It’s hard to put a number on this, but according to our estimate – which is shared by many other experts in this business - there are about 130,000 Sugar Babies in Australia.

Australian Universities such as the Melbourne Institute of Technology, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Deakin University, the University of Queensland and the Macquarie University are among the biggest contributors of young and beautiful Sugar Babies.

Most Sugar Babies are college students or recent graduates. They join Seeking Arrangement so that they can earn enough of a monthly allowance from a Sugar Daddy Australia to pay off their loans or college debt.

How many Sugar Daddies in Australia?

57,000. That means Sugar Babies outnumber Sugar Daddies by a ratio of 2:1. Victoria has the most number of sugar daddies in Australia, while New South Wales comes next.

The average Sugar Daddy Australia makes $312,000 per year and is typically a confident business owner, CEO of a company or a business executive from abroad currently staying in the country.

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