Is the US New FOSTA-SESTA Laws Also Affecting Sugar Daddy Dating in Australia?

President Donald Trump recently signed a combined bill into law called as FOSTA-SESTA. FOSTA stands for Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) and SESTA stands for Stop Enabling Sex-Trafficking Act.

At first glance, this is a good law, as it is intended to curb illegal sex trafficking on the internet. This new law aims to make the existing sex trafficking laws stricter and make it completely illegal to facilitate, assists or support any sex trafficking.

That’s a noble intention, but unfortunately, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

What’s the Problem?

What FOSTA-SESTA has done is to invalidate Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which upheld the freedom of speech laws that protected publishers of content from liability.

That means, publishers – whether that is website owners or social media sites – will henceforth be held responsible if there are any users on their sites posting ads for prostitution on their platform.

What that effectively means is that social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are liable for the actions of their users. Sites like Craigslist are responsible for the ads posted by their users. Many websites have shut down operations worried about what lies in store for them.

Also, it takes sex workers out of the internet, where they had some privacy and security, and out into the street corners, where they have no security. As a result, rather than curb sex trafficking, this new law may bring back sex trafficking with a vengeance, having an effect that is the complete opposite of what was intended.

How Do the New FOSTA-SESTA Laws Affect Sugar Dating?

Unfortunately, for no fault of theirs, some of the biggest Sugar Dating sites in the United States have been mishit by the new FOSTA-SESTA Laws, and many have been forced to shut shop.

Sugar Dating is by NO means prostitution and has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with sex trafficking. But there are loopholes in every business, and it is not unusual to see prostitutes, escorts, and hookers posting ads as Sugar Babies on Seeking Arrangement sites.

Every Seeking Arrangement site has a team of moderators who weed out such elements and keep the site clean. But it is impossible to achieve a 100% success, and some prostitutes do get through the system.

This is a problem SugarDaddy Meet sites in both Australia and the United States have to solve, and they are doing this by constantly working on and improving their verification systems.

What Does This Mean for Sugar Daddy Dating in Australia?

Sugar Daddy Dating sites in Australia are powered by bigger sites in the US, and they too have been affected in away from the new FOSTA-SESTA Laws as a result. Many Sugar Daddy apps have been taken off the App Store, for example.

But it’s not the end of the road for Sugar Daddy Sites in Australia, as we are very much the Sugar Country of the world. Sugar daddy dating is about companionship, not prostitution and this law is not going to affect that.

Seeking Arrangement sites in Australia and elsewhere will take up the challenge of making the verification systems better and 100% foolproof, with facial recognition software to keep blacklisted members, such as prostitutes, hookers and escorts off the platform.

Also, they will employ a team of moderators who keep a close watch on members and build internal data profiles on them, to make sure that nobody is doing anything illegal on their platform.

Yes, the New FOSTA-SESTA Laws is a challenge, but Sugar Daddy Sites in Australia are very much capable of adapting to the new situation and holding their ground.

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