How College Students Can Find a Sugar Daddy in Australia

Are you a college student who wants to find a sugar daddy?

SeekingArrangement in Australia has been covered widely by the media here. According to a headline in, “Extraordinary number of Australians signing up to be ‘sugar babies...’”

And many of the Sugar Babies are college students from Australian Universities. As a matter of fact, as of 2019, more than 100,000 young women, including college students have set up Sugar Baby profiles on sites such as SeekingArrangement in Australia.

While Victoria has the most number of Sugar Daddies, New South Wales, which is home to some of Australia’s top universities and colleges, has the highest number of Sugar Babies.

If you want to go by sheer numbers alone, the Victoria based Monash University has 589 students that double up as sugar babies in their spare time. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology comes second with 184 sugar babies and the University of Sydney takes the third place with 170 sugar babies as of now.

This is the story across Australia – According to the Daily Mail, more and more college students are signing up to be sugar babies in their spare time.

No surprise in that – with the average cost of college education being $30,000, these young women could certainly do with the monthly allowance of $3,000 or more that they are going to get as sugar babies.

The question is – how to find a sugar daddy in Australia?

You should be very careful about where you go looking for Sugar Daddies. You will not find them on traditional dating websites. If you’re looking for legit and authentic Sugar Daddies for SeekingArrangement in Australia, then you will find them right here, on this site.

Sugar daddies are not looking for a wife or a girlfriend; they are just looking for companionship from a young woman.

These are men who have been through a lot in life and achieved great success. They have worked hard, set up successful businesses and now want to enjoy all of that.

An average sugar daddy in Australia makes US$250,000 (A$312,000) per year, which puts them in the top 1% of the population. These are generally CEOs, investment bankers or business owners in their late 40s, 50s or 60s.

That is the sort of Sugar Daddy you will find on this site. However, there are many fake sugar daddies out there, men who pretend to be rich and successful, when in reality they are not.

We have a team of moderators who scan every sugar daddy profile and weed out anyone who they find out is a “fake” sugar daddy. Also, only those who sign up for our paid packages will have access to all of the Sugar Baby profiles on our site. Generally, fake Sugar Daddies don’t like to join a paid service such as ours – they have no money and want everything for free.

So if you want to find a sugar daddy in Australia, just sign up here and set up your own Sugar Baby profile. We’ll see you soon!